slider-SunglassesIt’s no wonder our patients can’t stop talking about their Smileboston experience! Our highly trained team stands ready to restore and revitalize your receding gums with the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Come visit our two Boston, MA area offices in Brookline or Pembroke, MA to see if you are a candidate for the new Pinhole Surgery Technique and to learn more about this groundbreaking procedure.

I love my dentist and my daughter loves them too! I HIGHLY recommend Smileboston for both routine dental care as well as more complex things like implants, or for cosmetic improvements. They are caring, lively, friendly, professional folks who enjoy using state of the art gizmos and gadgets combined with down-home friendliness and humor. Dr. Spitz and Dr. Morgenstern are both fantastic guys and I wouldn’t trust my teeth to anyone else!

Johanna S.

My biggest fear is the dentist but somehow Smileboston has convinced me not to avoid the office with the sharp, pointy, and sometimes painful tools. Their entire office is a treatment team from the e-mail reminders, receptionists with extremely helpful knowledge on billing, dental assistants that basically talk to me out of a tree semi-annually, and Dr. Morgenstern with his sarcastic humor. If you expect your dentist to speak to you in a soft voice while explaining the importance of flossing, Dr. Morgenstern may not be right for you. If you are looking for dentist that will just be honest, open and very straight forward all with a sense of humor, this could be a good fit.

Jess N.

I hate the dentist. I’ve had terrible experiences but I know that my teeth need to be cleaned. When I first called Smileboston I made sure that they knew that I don’t like the dentist. They were fantastic to book with and completely understood where I was coming from. My first appointment they were super welcoming. They explained everything to me, offered to talk or not talk and kept it quick. My hygienist, Alanna, was great. I had to get some cavities replaced and they strongly suggested sedation dentistry. I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad it did. I remember them giving me a juice box when I woke up and ranting about how the hell am I suppose to use a straw when my mouth is numb. My teeth feel great, and I liked them so much I was comfortable getting braces. Since I’ve got terrible teeth, I go every 3 months for cleanings. I cannot recommend them enough.

Ward H.

Dr. Spitz has been a wonderful dentist. He is very attentive and patient in all the work he does. Besides Dr. Spitz being amazing, his staff absolutely backs him up. They always make you feel special and like you’re a personal friend. All in all, Dr. Spitz office has been nothing less than fantastic and have completely changed my outlook on dentists.

Biancha R.

Incredible staff, incredible experience. I was fit in same day I called for cleaning. I had no pain for the first time ever during a cleaning and decided to move forward with filling replacement and bonding. I had to have traditional work with Novocaine and had a chance to try the laser without any numbing. I did not feel the needle go in for traditional work. I am astounded that multiple experiences did not include a twinge of pain. The work done is good, so much so, that when one of my teeth had to be noted for an add on charge (at my request), it took a minute to remember which tooth had work as all was so seamless. I await billing issues while my insurance takes their sweet time working out their end. The office staff worked with me and I am not concerned they are or will be shady. I look forward to going back to this dentist (Dr. Spitz), at this office. Fantastic experience all around! I will need an implant one day and have no reservations trusting I will be taken care of and that the work will be nothing short of awesome.

Jaime S.