Pinhole Surgery Technique vs. Gum Grafting

Pinhole Surgery Technique vs. Gum Grafting

When a patient in Boston, MA has gums that have receded, this leaves the tooth root exposed making it vulnerable to becoming infected through food particles and bacteria that live in the mouth. Not only does gum recession cause exposed areas to be susceptible other forms of periodontal disease, but it also affects our patients aesthetically and psychologically. The gums are often thought of as the frame around the teeth, and when they’ve receded back a distance, it gives patients a long-toothed, unhealthy look that makes many individuals uncomfortable.

Why is the Pinhole Surgical Technique Favorable?

Traditional gum grafting was often the only solution to help patients return to health, but many patients were hesitant as grafting involves tissue transfer, stitches, soreness, discomfort and possible scarring.

For those who have receding gums, the standard option is gum grafting. This requires a sample of tissue to be removed from the roof of the patient’s mouth. After the tissue has been removed, the removal area is stitched up for healing. Depending on the area, there may be more or less stitches needed. After the tissue has been removed, the removal area must be stitched up for healing. Depending on the amount of gum recession that must be fixed, more tissue could be required. After this tissue has been removed, it is placed in the area where the new tissue is needed and then the area is closed over the over the new tissue, again, with stitches.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique does not require stitches, which is a huge benefit. It requires a single pinhole of entry at specific locations along with adjusting the under layer of gum tissue to form a perfect smile. The skin under the gums moves the gum tissue to fill in the open areas and cover the exposed roots of teeth – no stitches needed. With great success, this gum rejuvenation surgery allows you achieve a winning smile in one visit.

As stated above, the recovery period for a pinhole surgery is short-term. Since the surgery itself consists of a pinhole and requires no transfer of tissue, the gums heal much quickly. The change in the gumline is notable immediately, as soon as the mirror is placed in your hand, the pinholes “disappear” within 24 hours, and with Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen, the discomfort is gone within 24 hours.

With the traditional technique, stitches can result in a chance of scarring as a thin white line across the gums. With the Pinhole Surgery Technique, the only sign of treatment is your brilliant smile.

Contact Us About the Pinhole Surgery Technique

If you have noticed your gums receding or if they are painful or aesthetically affecting you, contact us at Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in our Brookline, MA or Pembroke, MA office. As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Spitz has years of experience in restorative and replacement treatments for teeth and gums and is proud to offer the state-of-the-art Pinhole Surgical Technique for gum restoration. During the consultation, Dr. Spitz will discuss your oral health and help guide you through the process and details relating to pinhole surgery.