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Gum Recession Treatment in Boston, MA

Welcome to Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Steven D. Spitz. DMD is a Prosthodontist, (recognized by the American Dental Association as an expert in replacing missing teeth and/or restoring damaged teeth) with a focus on dental implants and laser dentistry. Dr. Spitz specializes in many restorative procedures, most notably the Pinhole Surgical Technique for gum rejuvenation. This breakthrough procedure restores not only patients’ health but their confidence as well as their smiles. Dr. Spitz sees patients in his Brookline and Pembroke MA offices.

What is the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a brand new, state-of-the-art surgical procedure to adjust receded gums and create a more appealing smile. It’s less invasive than traditional procedures, leaving no scars, no stitches and a quicker healing time. So, how does it work?

A pinhole is placed above or below the receded area. Dr. Spitz then gently moves the flexible gums, adjusting them to their previous position before gum recession. Collagen strips are applied to ensure that the new placement remains. The pinhole, the only true sign of the surgery, heals in one or two days at most. Thanks to this ingenious procedure, our Brookline, Pembroke, and Boston, MA patients will be smiling the day after surgery and with minimal side effects.

Gum Disease and You

One of the main causes of gum recession is gum disease. This condition can also encompass tooth decay, gingivitis, etc. If left untreated, the long-term effects can be harmful to your oral health, from excessive plaque buildup to tooth loss. It can also compromise your overall health. Studies have shown that gum disease and other oral infections can negatively impact your body’s cardiovascular and respiratory system.

By not seeking treatment for gum recession or gum disease, the cost of treatment down the road can be much more expensive and time consuming. With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, gum rejuvenation has never been easier and more effective. While it can take weeks to recover from traditional gum grafts, patients can be up and about almost immediately after the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

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If your gums have receded to a noticeable degree, let Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry help correct your smile with this minimally invasive surgery. The Pinhole Surgical Technique is state-of-the-art and appealing for all, requiring only a pinhole, no stitches, and quicker recovery time. Contact us today in Brookline, MA and Pembroke, MA to learn more about this new procedure and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spitz. He will perform an examination of your oral condition and guide you through possible treatment options for your gums, including the Pinhole Surgical Technique.